Mary Jane Hampton
With more than two decades of experience in health system development, it can be said that I've seen it all. My career began at the Manitoba Health Organizations in 1984 as a policy advisor, moving to Ontario to manage a District Health Council, and then establishing the Provincial Health Council in Nova Scotia in 1991 - the first such organization to be legislated in Canada. My public sector career track was fast and peppered with some remarkable opportunities. Among them was being asked to serve as the principal architect of Nova Scotia's Health Care Blueprint, which built new governance and delivery systems on a foundation of primary health care, and to play a key role within government in guiding its implementation.

Now, in my private practice, I provide a powerful combination of skills, savvy and professional networks to my community of clients. In 1997, I established Stylus Consulting in response to the need for health and social policy specialists who can translate ideas into action. Stylus's growing list of repeat clients has come to rely on my ability to help them find safe passage through the often complex maze of planning and successful implementation. Stylus offers practical and solution-based approaches to change management, conflict resolution, consensus building and developing new approaches to the funding, delivery and evaluation of health services.

What has become the company's trademark is the ability to tell a client's story - whether that be in writing a proposal, crafting a strategic plan or marketing a message. My experience as a columnist, broadcaster and author of children's books provides me with some of my most valuable tools - resulting in more than 250 million dollars to clients for various projects over the last couple of years. If a document is a "good read" it stands a much better chance of making its mark. Giving clients that edge is what Stylus does best.

In addition to building a robust consulting practice, I am managing my most challenging and important development project as mother to daughters Tia and Chloe, who I adopted from China in 2002 and 2004 respectively.
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