Abby Hampton
My career as a specialist in culture and in communication was launched almost two decades ago, when I worked as an editor and field producer for a number of documentary projects. This was my first introduction to the power of expression and its importance to how we define ourselves and the world around us. Since that time, I have had an adventure-packed and privileged path of helping people from around the world to tell their stories - putting them behind their own lens - be it through a television camera or by the power of the pen.

Being able to tell a story is only half of the art of communication. The power of expression is brought to life only when ideas are shared and have a chance to connect. In the next phase of my career, I ran WETV's programming department - an international broadcast initiative in which more than 50 national broadcasters participated in a content-sharing platform. I was responsible for packaging and producing original material for their French, Spanish and English speaking audiences, reaching more than 100 million households around the world. Original series included such programs as "Welcome to the Global Village" and "Fusion" as well as award winning shows such as "One Step at a Time: The Campaign to Ban Landmines", which is still used (a decade later) by key activist organizations, having been translated into nine languages.

In 1999 I founded World in Motion Productions Inc. (WIM) - an organization development and communications firm that provides a full range of project management support to a broad client base. WIM offers the entire scope of print and multi-media production capabilities - including strategic support to reach your audience, whether you're developing a proposal, producing a report or documenting a story. WIM has recently expanded its activities to include book publishing.

WIM has managed projects for a wide range of international agencies, government departments, academic faculty and community organizations. The company's track record includes everything from million dollar international broadcast series, to helping evolve the culture of groups of professionals - all with the same outcome of bringing ideas and people closer together.
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